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Outdoor Fitness

We, M/s HONEY FUN - N - THRILL CO. are pleased to Introduce The outdoor gym concept in order to raise the fitness and health levels of the citizens of our country. The participation levels in physical activity have been steadily on the increase since the Gym & fitness culture is here.

The outdoor gym concept is here to flourish and take whole country by storm. The sole intention of introducing this concept is people can work-out in the Natural Open Environment as against the Air conditioned & Closed Gyms. Our experience has given us the knowledge to be able to design and manufacture the next generation product line of Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

All these Equipments are Free Moving & Easy to Use. Require very Less Maintenance & are Made of Non-Corrosive Materials. We have raised the bar for standards of safety, quality and durability. Our new product line is second to none, the best outdoor fitness equipment in the market.

Advantages of Installing Outdoor Fitness Equipments :

  • Leaves you feeling Fresh & Fit as it is done in Outdoors which provides more Oxygen as compared to a closed gym.
  • These Equipments facilitate the use of one's own weight to strengthen muscles, increase stamina, improve flexibility & improve the core strength.
  • Fun Way of getting stronger & fitter as Multi Use Equipments can be used by 2 or more people simultaneously.
  • The Equipments can be Freely installed in Garden space, Open Space, Podium, etc which saves at least 500 to 1500 sq ft space allotted for Gym.
  • Equipments available to target all the muscles of the body. Saves cost of Indoor Gym Equipments which are very Expensive.
  • Saves Electricity Charges as these Equipments Don't require Electricity to work & saves a lot of Maintenance costs for societies, clubs & Gardens.

Our Aim is to be a leader in the fight against obesity & health related issues. This is your opportunity to improve the quality of living of your community. These Fitness Equipments can be used by Various Age Groups starting from 12 years upto 70+ years of Age.

Our Mantra : GO GREEN.. GO FIT..