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HONEY FUN N THRILL CO. is pleased to Introduce Synthetic Rubber Flooring "Play Max" for Children's Play Area, Outdoor Fitness Area, Jogging Track, Indoor Gym area, etc.

The brightly coloured EPDM granules provide an impact absorbing, hard wearing safety surface, which is easily maintained. The granules give a resilient, consistent, all weather surface for any indoor and outdoor activity which allow children to play & Adults to Jog, Run or perform any other activities without the high risk of permanent injury.

Easy to install and maintain, EPDM granules transform any surface into a environment friendly, slip resistant floor, to suite any of your flooring needs.

Can be done in form of any designs and colours to make it attractive enough for children.



  • 15mm
  • 21mm
  • 36mm

    SBR (Pre Colour Coated Granules)

  • 15mm
  • 21mm
  • 36mm

Note: Top Layer 6 mm shall be EPDM or SBR granules.


Allows for continuous use even during the rainy season. Because water does not puddle on the surface, but rather moves quickly through the top, the play area is ready for use soon after heavy rains.

  • Warranty of 1 year covering any physical deformity available, though a slight change in colour due to uneven exposure to sunlight and rain can be expected.
  • Surface wear could be due to Over use in certain areas like slide ending or below the swings.
  • AMC available after 1 year.


Rubber Flooring surfaces are extremely easy to install. One only needs to take a few simple things into consideration.

  • Rubber Flooring is laid out on any smooth, pre-prepared IPS/PCC surface.
  • The sub-floor must be cleaned of all paint, polish, wax, oil, grease and other dust and dirt particles, prior to installation.
  • Small cracks, structural joints, depressions, rough areas and uneven sections of the sub-floor must be repaired using suitable fillers, prior to installation.
  • Any protuberance and bulges on the sub-floor should be levelled.
  • After installation, the surface should be free of moisture or liquids for a minimum of 36 hours.